Student Course Perceptions

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Welcome to the Student Course Perceptions survey home base, the place to share your learning experiences as a University of Waterloo student.

Student Feedback Matters

SCP survey results:

  • Help instructors improve their teaching and courses;
  • Inform pay and tenure decisions;
  • Contribute to program development and decisions about course offerings.

Completing your SCP surveys is the most powerful way to have YOUR VOICE heard!

About the SCP Survey

You will be asked to complete an SCP survey for each of the courses in which you are enrolled. The survey comprises questions about your learning experiences.

Most of the questions ask for a response ranging from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree”. If you feel a question does not apply you can select: “Have no basis for rating.”

An example of the slider-style survey entry

An example of a survey

There are also three open-ended questions about your experiences. Please use this space to include constructive comments about your experience in the course.

Please remember that your instructor is a real person!

  • Please ensure that your feedback is constructive
  • Refrain from using offensive language or sharing inappropriate comments, including those that are hateful, discriminatory, or harassing in any way).

When can I complete Student Course Perceptions surveys?

Generally surveys will be opened near the end of each term, usually 2-4 weeks before the last day of courses.

All instructors will be encouraged to provide time during class to complete the surveys, but you can also complete them on their own time. Survey timing will vary between faculties. You will be notified by email and in class that they are ready for your input.

The evaluations can be completed using any computer, phone, or tablet device connected to the internet.

Will my responses remain anonymous?

Yes, student feedback remains absolutely anonymous!

Once your survey is submitted, we remove all identifying data (and cannot recover it).

Note: This also means we cannot un-submit your surveys. Please always make sure you're completing the correct survey before submitting!

Who can I contact for help?

This software is developed and supported by Science Computing at the University of Waterloo